What Swim Class Should We Sign Up For?

May 22, 2014 in Updates

A Parent’s Guide to the Starfish Swimming®Curriculum
StarBabies™ and StarTots™
The purpose of this course is to foster in very young children a high comfort level in the water while at the same time training parents and caregivers in water safety and drowning prevention. This course does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water; it does provide a confidence building, fun, and loving experience.

Starfish Swim School®

Students work toward development of the five core swimming competencies and receive color stage awards for each achievement. The color stages are used to divide students into broad ability groups. Children progress at individual rates with the opportunity to learn the core swimming skills and progress to advanced strokes. Learning is self-paced but challenging.
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StarKIDS White: if your the child who is afraid of the water, or can not swim, or will not get his/her face wet .   Ages 3-4
StarKIDS Red: If your  child  enjoys water, gets his/her face wet, jumps in but can swim only with support.  Or has completed KIDS White -  Ages 4-6
StarKIDS Yellow:If you child child  is not afraid, can float, jump in and return to the surface.   Or has completed KIDS Red Ages 4-8
StarKIDS Blue: If your child can swim 10 feet, while taking an occasional breath. Or has completed KIDS Yellow Ages 4-13 
StarKIDS Green: If you child can tread water for 15 seconds and swim freestyle for 10 feet .  Safety Skill : Survival float and tread water for 30 seconds.   Swim Skill: Start in side glide, swim freestyle 30 feet with 1-2-3 breathe pattern. or has completed KIDS Blue – Ages 4 and up
Starfish Stroke School
Students refine freestyle and learn stroke technique for backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and more! Must have completed StarKIDS Green or Red Cross Level 4
Stroke White: Freestyl e, Introduction to Backstroke   Safety Skill: Always ask permission before getting  in the water.  Swim Skill: Swim freestyle 30 feet with body stretched out and consistent form; swim 30 feet of triple-switch backstroke.
Stroke  Red: Backstroke, Introduction to Butterfly  Safety Skill: Put on a lifejacket from in the water, kick 30 feet.  Swim Skill: Swim 30 feet backstroke with straight arm recovery, body roll, good arm and body extension; perform arm down pulsing for 15 feet.
Sroke Yellow:   Butterfly    Safety Skill: Scenario assist and know when and how  to call 911.   Swim Skill: Swim 4 strokes butterfly with only one breath, then remainder of pool freestyle.
Stroke  Blue: Breaststroke  Safety Skill: Discuss the Starfish safety concepts.  Swim Skill: Swim 30 feet breaststroke with good timing and extension.

“Hero UP!!…. SPLASH HERO Splash Games for our Summer Students only

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SplashGames invitation 5.5x4.5

NEW!! Try AquaStretch

November 6, 2013 in Announcements, Updates

What is AquaStretch™?
This one on one session  with the AquaStretch Facilitator is assisted stretching and myofascial release technique frees the body of restrictions that limit flexibility and may cause pain with movement.  It has proven results in conditioning, rehabilitation and athletic performance.


AquaStretch™ has helped people with:
1.     Lower back, neck, joint or muscle pain (including arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia).
2.     Idiopathic pain or nerve dysfunction (i.e. ovarian pain, plantar fasciitis).
3.     Soft tissue prep, for synergy with massage, chiropractic, OMT and cranial work.
4.     Post surgical rehabilitation:  ACL, meniscus, hip and knee replacement, post natal.
5.     Pain management programs, including accidents, combat, and sports injuries.
6.     Scoliosis and other spinal deformities, including degenerative or herniated disks.
7.     Psychological: May reduce anxiety & PMS emotions. May increase mental clarity.
8.     Sleep problems.

You do not need to know how to swim to participate in AquaStretch™

For more information or to set up an appointment contact RuthAnn Harrison, AquaStretch Facilitator 940-577-3055