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Fitness Class Schedule and Descriptions


LAP SWIM/WALK –The shallow lanes are for water walkers or joggers.  The three deeper lanes are reserved for swimmers.  Lanes will need to be shared, please observe swimmers etiquette.  These are designated times for adult members to come in and use the community pool for lap walking or lap swimming.    If the schedule does not state LAP SWIM/ WALK then members should arrange their schedule to come in when lanes are available. Youth or children under the age of 15 are not allowed in the fitness center or the pool except during family swim hours.  Shallow lanes are reserved for walkers/joggers/floaters and the 3 deep lanes are for swimming.    One hour maximum  use.

 Aqua Circuit Challenge – Step up your water workout with this shallow water workout that combines cardio intervals with strength training. Wed 9:00AM-9:45AM – RuthAnn

 Aqua Lite – This medium to high  intensity shallow water class combines the latest moves and stretches for a great “feel good” workout.  Great class for beginners or first time water exercisers as well as those more experienced. Everyone will “feel good”!   T  & TH 9:00AM-9:45AM    - Lorna

 Deep Water CORE – this deep water class will concentrate on working the core with no impact.   Linda

  Off the Deep End – For those wishing to experience a more challenging workout, this deep water is a medium to high intensity class.  Work with buoyancy belts, cuffs, noodles and hand buoys.  Swimming skills are not necessary, however should be comfortable in deep water.   A non-impact workout    Mondays  10:00AM-10:45AM  RuthAnn

 Saturday Sizzle – A medium to high intensity class for those members wishing to benefit from a shallow water.  Class and will make use of a variety of equipment not limited to water dumb bells, paddles, noodles for a total body workout.

Silver Fins Feel better physically and emotionally in this low intensity water fitness class.  - A shallow water class offering lots of fun while improving agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required. This fun class is designed especially for 55 and up M-W-F 11:00AM-11:45AM RuthAnn -Lorna

Tidal Waves  A medium to high intensity class for those members wishing to benefit from a shallow water.  Class and will make use of a variety of equipment not limited to water dumb bells, paddles, noodles for a total body workout.  Get ready for a “ride on the waves”  T & TH 6:30PM-7:15PM Linda

 Water DYNAMICS – Please come join us for a loud and high intensity class for those wanting a total body workout.  that combines vigorous cardiovascular exercise with muscle toning and stretching.  This class is not intended for beginners, but for those wanting an extreme intensive workout. Join Linda for a fast paced and loud class.  Mondays & Fridays  9:00AM-9:45AM    Kim – Linda


SWIMSANITY – Come and get a little “insane” in the water.  Join Linda for this special 6 week high intensity aquatic workout.

 Watabata –Water Tabata with Linda helps you build strength, increase endurance, lose weight and improve all around fitness.  Take your fitness to the next level.

 Aqua Zumba shake up that water!  Dance your way into shape with an invigorating  aquatic exercise, integrating aquatic fitness and dance. FUN FUN!  


 Family Swim Members and all those under a Family Membership is free. Guests with a member $6.00 per person.  Non members $10.00 each. The therapy pool is NOT available. The first two shallow lanes are reserved for family swimand water walkers.  .  Pool equipment may not be taken from equipment room or therapy area.  Items are available for use in the white “Community Chest”. Parent must remain with children IN POOL AREA at all times.  Parents shall maintain order and discipline making sure ALL rules are being followed. Please return equipment to the chest before leaving the pool. Children under age 3 MUST wear an approved reusable swim diaper.  Disposable diapers are not allowed.

 Water BOOT Camp – Vigorous, highly intense, land and water workout at the pool.  Must have the ability to tread water.  Required : Swim suit , t-shirt, shorts ,CLEAN shoes and goggles,  This class is geared towards athletes, persons who are ready for a HIGH intensity workout.   Taught by Mike NOT CURRENTLY BEING HELD