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Infant Aquatic Survival

Discover what a young child can learn when placed in the hands of an Infant Aquatics Specialist.Infant Aquatics specialists teach children 6 months to 6 years survival swimming skills.They are taught to roll completely over onto their backs to float, relax and breathe.

Babies are quite buoyant and can remain in this position for a very long time, even while fully clothed.

Survival swimming skills also serve as a foundation for learning correct stroke technique.

Infants and toddlers learn to swim quickly because of their motor development and usually have no fear of the water.


Our certified instructor will teach your child to safely enjoy the water in weeks not years!
Registration fee of $45.00

  • 4 week package is $275.00 plus the $45.00 registration fee (16 classes)
  • 6 week package is $410.00 plus the $45.00 registration fee (24 classes)