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Our Teaching Method

How Are Lessons Structured?

Initial lessons with Infant Aquatics are one-on-one, approximately 10 minutes in length, usually 4 or 5 days per week for 4-6 weeks. Each lesson builds upon the previous day’s lesson, so there is measurable progress each week.

What is the Parent’s Role?

We encourage parents of toddlers to get in the water for the first few lessons so that your child willl experience less stranger and separation anxiety. Our goal for children of all ages is to establish a relationship of trust between your child and the instructor. Once this occurs, your child will learn to trust him/herself in the water and real progress begins.

How Can You Teach a Baby Who Cannot Talk?

Swimming and floating are motor skills that can be taught to babies through repetitive exercises, along with gentle verbal encouragement. We show the babies what we want them to do, and over a short period of time, they learn the skills necessary to survive. Be assured, we do not throw children into the water! We use a variety of methods, combining the best ideas from swim schools and infant/toddler programs throughout the world. Our goal is to make learning fun so that your child will love his water experience.