Parent/Team Handbook

Welcome to QUEST Aquatics (QA) Swim Team 

. Before a swimmer may participate in QA swimming activities (excluding trial periods), all fees must be paid, the forms listed below must be completed, signed, and returned to the Aquatics Manager or Head Coach. This packet contains useful information about QA, how we operate and the expectations we have of our coaches, swimmers and their parents. Please complete the following forms and return along with a copy of your swimmer’s birth certificate:

1. Registration Form

2. Code of Ethics and Conduct

3. USA Swimming Registration Form

4.Copy of birth certificate

5. Payment-Cancellation Policy

6. Emergency contacts & MEDICAL RELEASE FORM

7. Quest Aquatics Signatures and Contact Information

If you are paying by monthly installment, you will receive a monthly statement by email around the first of each month. Payments are due by the 1st of each month. There is a $15.00 late fee for payments received after the 10th.

If at any time you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact the coach or Aquatics Manager after practice or by note or email.

If you have questions specifically related to your child’s swimming,please contact their coach after practice or by note or email.


See you at the pool!

  Financial and Other Commitments

Commitment to quality does not come without cost. Retaining availability of a pool and qualified coaching requires year around leases and high fixed costs. These issues create a constant monthly expense and are just two of the numerous expenses incurred on an ongoing basis. In order to maintain a quality swim team, each of us must be willing to make certain commitments. The team will undertake certain fundraising activities during the course of any given year. Without the additional funds generated by the fundraising activities, membership dues would be significantly higher. Additionally, swim meets require parent’s participation. A well-run swim meet or any other fundraising effort requires a large number of volunteers.

Dues and Administrative Fees

QA depends upon prompt payment in order to meet the club’s financial obligations for the coaches’ salary, pool rental, taxes and travel.

Dues are based on an annual fee,  which is broken down into monthly installments for the convenience of our members.

In order to meet these obligations, payment must be received by the 1st of each month for that swimming period. There is a $15.00 late fee for payments received after the 10th.

Payments must be PAID whether or not your child swims that month. (See Quitting the Team and Reinstatement) If you have any questions about your bill or there is a change in the swimmer’s status, please contact the Aquatic Manager. The following rates are annual/monthly charges:


NEW Member Quest Aquatics Registration Fee(non refundable) one time per family/swimmer  $100.00

Annual Quest Aquatics Participation Fee (non refundable) $50 per family

USA Swimming Annual Registration and Card 2012/2013 FEE – $64.00

Senior/Prep Squads

Fit N Wise Members $475.00/ annual

Fit N Wise Members $50.00/mo payment

Non Fit N Wise Members $625.00/ annual

Non Fit N Wise Members $65.00/ mo payment

Age/ Squad

Fit N Wise Members $370.00/ annual

Fit N Wise Members $40.00/mo payment

Non Fit N Wise Members $530.00/ annual

Non Fit N Wise Members $55.00/mo payment

The third additional swimmer in the same family will receive $20.00 off the annual fee.

Yearly dues do not include team suit, USA registration fees, or meet entries.

Team suit average – Female $65.00 Males $45.00

Meet entry fees – approximate – $3.75 per event $7.50 per relay $3.00 per swimmer surcharge

Other expenses - Goggles, caps, towels, meals, lodging, travel

 High School Varsity Swim Team Members (must have verification from schools head coach)

March – July $100 .00 (No monthly payments – no prorating)

USA Swimming Annual Registration and Card 2012/2013 FEE – $64.00

High School Varsity Swim Team Members (must have verification from schools head coach

September – July $175.00 (No monthly payments- no prorating)

USA Swimming Annual Registration and Card 2012/2013 FEE – $64.00

Seasonal Swimming Summer Only 2013 – May, June, July – $100.00

USA Swimming Annual 2012 Seasonal Athlete Registration (April through August) $ ______

Quitting the Team

Swimmers wishing to leave the team should submit a written statement 30 days before leaving as monthly payments continue to be due. You will be billed for monthly payments until a written notice is received. Member families are reminded that QA incurs pool and coaching expenses for hours these resources are utilized, not based on the number of active swimmers. Our annual budget is developed based on the number of active swimmers at the end of each season along with assumptions about adding swimmers, losing swimmers, pool time required, and coaching required. We are obligated to pay for the pool time and coaching salaries associated with these contracts. Consequently, the loss of dues over an extended period of time creates a severe financial hardship for QA. Therefore we do not offer refunds. Please see our Payment-Cancellation policy which is attached. Parts of monies raised through team donations and fundraisers, will be used towards expenses.

Reinstatement Fees

When member families discontinue paying their monthly payment, the swimmer forfeits their membership and any monthly payments they have made. (Unless the swimmer is injured/ill and incapable of participating with QA.) A physician’s letter will be required to validate injuries/illness. Reinstatement occurs with the reregistration fee and the current month installment. A $50.00 re-registration fee will be charged for any swimmer  off the team and has not paid monthly installments more than 60 days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Aquatics Manager.

Monthly payments may be sent to the following address: Fit N Wise, Attn Kim Emery, Aquatics Manager, 609 Medical Center Dr., Decatur, TX 76234

Questions about billing may be directed to: the same as above 940-627-2708 Ext. 2607 

Payment- Cancellation Policy


Swim team fees are based on yearly amounts, but may be paid in monthly installments. Payments must be PAID whether or not your child swims that month. All swim team dues are non- refundable.

. Please sign up and pay only after you have decided to make attending the practice and dedicating yourself to the swimming a priority.

Payments received after the 10th of the month will be charged a $15.00 late fee.

Make up Policy

Swim practice should be made a priority in your child’s life. Skipping practices are not good for your child or the team. WE DO NOT OFFER MAKEUP practices due to your child missing practice.

Fundraising Guidelines

The team will undertake certain fundraising activities during the course of any given year. Without the additional funds generated by the fundraising activities, membership dues would be significantly higher. When fundraisers are planned information will be posted on the bulletin board, and via e-mail. Each swimmer is required to participate in the team fundraiser. Each fundraiser will have a pre-determined and reasonable amount that we hope the swimmer can raise for your team.  Families not participating will owe $150.00 per swimmer as a fundraiser fee.

Fundraising is an essential part of Quest Aquatics Swim Team’s growth and it enables us to keep fee structures reasonable. Team Fundraisers are also essential in meeting budgetary needs and in helping Quest continue to grow. Participation in Team Fundraisers is expected of all families to ensure their success.

Quest Aquatics Swim Team Parent Volunteer Policy

The Quest Aquatics Swim Team embraces a team philosophy that commits it to develop the highest level of competitive swimmer experience for every participant. This encourages significant growth in spirit, mind and body for all swimmers, and builds caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. These goals can only be attained with the dedicated efforts of all Quest Aquatics Swim Team parents. Parent support and involvement is vital to the success of our swim team.

Since we are unable to host meets at our facility, it is vital that we step up and assist at all swim meets we attend.

Coaching Staff

Nothing has a greater influence on the quality of children’s sports than the role of the coach. The Swim Team staff consists of Head Coach, Nancy Wendell, Assistant Swim Coach Brandy Wallen and Aquatics Manager and Assistant Coach Kim Emery.

Coach Responsibilities

The coach’s job is to supervise the entire competitive swim program. The Swim Team coaching staff is dedicated to providing a program for swimmers that will enable them to learn the value of striving to improve oneself–”to be the best you can be.” Therefore, the coach must be in total control in matters affecting training and competition.

1. The coach is responsible for placing youngsters in practice groups. This is based on the age andability level of each individual. When it is in the best interest of a swimmer, he/ she will be placed in a more challenging training group by the coach.

2. Sole responsibility for stroke instruction and the training regimen rests with the Swim Team coaching staff. Each group’s practices are based on sound principles and are geared to the specific goals of that group.

3. At meets, the coaching staff will conduct and supervise warm-up procedures for the team. After each race, the coach will offer praise and/or constructive criticism regarding the swimmers performance. (It is the parent’s job to offer love and understanding regardless of their youngster’s performance)

4. The building of a relay team is the sole responsibility of the coaching staff. 5. The coaching staff is constantly updating and improving the Swim Team program. It is the swimmer’s and parents’ responsibility to make the most out of the excellent opportunity this program provides for success in swimming.

Practice Guidelines

Training sessions are the most important aspect of competitive swimming. Consistent training is needed to progress through the classes of swimmers. Training schedules are designed to provide only slightly more time than is required for a swimmer to accomplish this.

Therefore it is important that each swimmer attends as many practices as possible in order to derive the full benefits of the program.

• Swimmers must check in at the front desk of Fit N Wise before going back to the pool 

Swimmers shall sign in with the Coach before  changing or going to locker room.

• While RARE, if you receive an injury while at practice, please let the head coach know or the Aquatics Manager know with in 24 hours.  

If you are age 11 or older you may use the locker rooms.  You are allowed only 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after practice to change.  If you are under the age of 11 you must use bathrooms located in the hallway to the left just as you enter the front door of the building or may use the locker room WITH A PARENT. Please do not abuse the use of locker rooms or we will lose that privilege.

• All swimmers must wait in the pool area. Have a seat at the benches or against the wall until practice begins. Absolutely no one is to get into the water until a coach is present. Please just take a seat and sit quietly until practice begins. All personal items should be brought into the pool area and hung on wall hooks. Locker room lockers will not be available to swim team members.  

Please BE ON TIME ! Pool availability is our most limiting factor. Don’t waste it. 

Punctuality = Respect

Punctuality = The Coaches ability to create effective training

Punctuality = Forming good habits that you can carry forward into your

adult and professional life

Late Swimmers

If a swimmer is more than 10 minutes late…

If the swimmer arrives more than 10 minutes late the coach needs a note from the parent with the reason they are late. No notification, no practice. 

If you know in advance that your child will be late, let the coach know via email or text or phone call. 

• Habitual lateness may result in expulsion from the team. 

 Parents should pick up swimmers no later than 10 minutes after practice time ends.

Swimmers left at Fit N Wise later than 15 minutes after the posted practice end time, will be charged a late fee of $5.00 per 5 minutes per swimmer.

Observers/parents should sit in the benches provided. Our facility is unique in that we have only the one pool offering more than one type of pool events, sometimes all at once. Therefore, parents may come in the last 10 minutes of practice to watch and they may watch the entire practice on Fridays and Saturdays.  

Please pay attention to seating during swimming lessons times and  please do not stand and block the walkways . Parents should not disrupt swimmers or coaches. 

Where may parents wait during practice –  During practice, you are welcome to use the café, or the waiting area near the locker rooms. Please pay attention to seating during swimming lessons times.  

Swimmers PLEASE hang up your bags and belongings on the wall hooks provided.

Locker-room lockers are not available to swim team members and then have a seat at the EAST end of the pool! 

• Swimmers shall stay away from the pool water.  

• Clean up shower room before you leave.

• If parents become a distraction they will be removed from the practice. 

• The coach is responsible for the technical part of the job. You should not offer advice on technique or race strategy. This will just confuse your child. Your job is to provide love and support.  

• Coaches are available to discuss concerns but NOT DURING practice. 

• Please contact your child’s coach via email to set up a one on one meeting to discuss your concerns.  

• If, after discussion with your child’s coach, you feel the problem has not been resolved, please contact the head coach via email to set up a one on one meeting to discuss your concerns. 

• If, after this second meeting, the problem still persists, the head coach will set up a meeting with you and the Aquatics Manager. 

If your child has an injury or illness preventing him/her from participating in practice, or has been told by a Dr. he/she should only do certain things in practice, WE MUST HAVE A DR’s NOTE. In addition if your swimmer attends therapy, we MUST have a note from the therapist.

Practice Schedules

Quest Aquatics – Practice schedules change as needed

Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.

August – off month- no practices

Senior Division – 4:45pm-6:15pm M,T ,W, TH

Prep Division – 4:45pm-6:15pm M,T,W,TH,

Age Group Division – 4:00-4:45pm M,T,W,Th

All Divisions – 4:15pm-5:30pm Fridays – IF we hold practice

2013 SUMMER PRACTICE SCHEDULE Jun 2013 thru July 2013

SR Team & Prep Team – 3:00pm—4:45pm

Age Group – 4:45pm-5:30pm Water

Swimmer & Parent Rules Overview

• Please attend a minimum of 3 practices a week to swim in meets. Allowances will be made for vacations, day camp, illness, etc. Be on time!  

• Each swimmer is required to compete in at least two regular season meets to be eligible for the end of season Championship Meets, TAGS or ZONES.

If you are attending out of state or out of area swim meets, not affiliated with the Quest meets, parents will register their own swimmers for those meets. 

• Please be on time for meets! Check in with your coach when you arrive. 

• Check the website, email and bulletin boards for announcements. 

• Participate in all fundraising events 


Always demonstrate good sportsmanship during practices and at meets. Show respect to your coaches, teammates and the families and properties we visit. If you have any problems at a meet, tell a coach.  

Behave in a safe manner- stay off the lane lines; do not push others into the pool, etc. 

• Keep track of your own things! Label suits, clothing, towels, etc. 

If you have the flu, a fever, or other illness, please stay out of the water until you have been well for 24 hours – the healthy Q’s appreciate it!  

• Encourage ALL teammates to do their best! 

• Swimmers should arrive to practice on time and be prepared to swim at start time. If they needto change, stretch, etc. they should arrive early. If swimmer is repeatedly late for warm-up, this could affect meet participation and or possible suspension from the team. (no hanging out in the locker room.) 

• All team members will respect their coaches, teammates and facilities at all times. Vandalism to pool, locker room or facilities will result in suspension/expulsion from the team (fee nonrefundable.)  

• Disruptive, unsportsmanlike conduct will result in suspension/expulsion from the team (fee nonrefundable.) 

• Swim families should make plans to volunteer at swim meets in any capacity, and earn volunteer points throughout the season.  

•  Swim families are asked to participate in a team fundraiser at least once during each season if we hold a fundraiser or  Non participation fee applies.  

• Parents please do not coach from the stands during practice or approach the coaches while they are coaching on deck. You should reserve your questions and comments before or after practice; a note, phone call or email can also be an effective means of communication.

  • It is the parents’ responsibility to make the coaches aware of any medical conditions/problems or special medications taken by their children. 

• It is the parents’ responsibility to check their email or bulletin board at the pool for announcements, schedule changes, etc. 

If you are waiting on your swimmer in the facility, please use the cafeteria, or the waiting area near the locker rooms.  

Swim team parents, families or swimmers should not be using the front desk area to wait as that is reserved for our therapy patients.  

Where do I go after practice?  Swimmers ages 10 and older may quietly exit the building to their parents’ vehicle. Please do not linger in the lobby. Please do not sit on the cloth chairs and sofa with a wet suit.     If you are under the age of 10 your parents should pick you up in the pool area. 

What do I bring to practice?  Don’t FORGET your goggles!!! Females must bring goggles, swim cap,towel, water bottle and a one piece suit. Males must bring goggles, towel, water bottle, and swim suit.  

Parking???  Parents may not park at the front entrance to retrieve their child. Hospital Security will ask for your vehicle to be moved it you are there longer than 5 minutes. Please park in the parking lot and come into the building to retrieve your child.

Since our pool is located in a hospital setting,  we may have different types of rules to follow than a natatorium, or public pool. Some of our rules are set forth by USA swimming, some by hospital administration and others by the Aquatic Manager.  

Swim Meets…. Only certified USA coaches, officials and athletes registered with USA Swimming  may be on deck at swim meets. Quest Aquatics will follow the USA rule whether or not the swim meet officials are at a particular meet. NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Parents and guests must remain in the guest seating areas or the areas reserved for families and athletes.  

• Lastly, Have a great season, have fun and make new friendships